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About me

Hi, I am Karolina!

I am from Sweden, but don't have an accent (unless you really want me to talk like the Chef in The Muppet Show...I won't charge extra!)


I am happily married to an Aussie since 2000, so yes, I believe in marriages! And if there's any Scandy blood in you I’d love to do a dual language wedding!

I have two teenage daughters, love dogs and have the cutest Beagler named Milly, 

If you'd like to involve your kids or fur babies in your ceremony, let’s do it! 

Trust me, I will understand how "challenging" they can be.  

As for hobbies, I used to play basketball, love skiing, snorkeling and live with a soccer and surfing family, and I use to work as a visual merchandiser for many years.

So, I know life can get really busy. Wherever I can, I like to take away that extra stress of a wedding for you!

We are so lucky to live in the best part of the world and absolutely love spending time on the beach, or going for bushwalks in the rainforest.

I will happily follow you up on a mountain or to an island if that's what you'd like me to do.


​I am super excited to work with you!

Karolina Hews 

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