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Ceremony packages

The process


After we meet over a cuppa or zoom and you decide to book me in, I will be your rock and guide  through everything regarding the ceremony.


I will send you a welcome pack and a questionnaire, so I have some personal goodies to use to write my script.


We will chat about what YOU like your ceremony to include. Anything from readings, solos and rituals I will bake it in a nice way so it all flows.


If you need any help with your vows I am here for you too.

We will catch up before the big day to talk about all the finer details and chat about a rehearsal if you like one.

I will sort out all the legal documents: 

The NOIM (Notice of Intent to Marry) is the first one we catch up to sign so we can get the ball rolling!

The DONLI (Declaration of No Legal Impediment) which states that there is no legal reason why you shouldn’t be married, to be signed close to your big day

The Official Marriage Certificates will be signed on your big day.

Leave it all to me to send away.


Head to the FAQ's for all the bits you need to know

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